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The new online reservation system provides an easy and reliable method to provide your childs schedule to the executive director. In the past, clients communicated their childs schedule by e-mail, facebook, text, pieces of paper left in the childs cubby, notes left on the executive directors desk , messages to the staff etc …

Needless to say, this was a very error prone method.

The reasons for implementing an online booking system are many:

  1. To remove the possibility of any mistakes.
  2. To provide a simple and easy system to reserve your childs place in the program.
  3. To provide you the parent/guardian confirmation that we have received and processed your request.
  4. To let you know at a glance wether there is room in each program. The number of available places is shown for each day.

[/item][item iconfa=”book” type=accs title=”What can you do with the reservation system?”]

  1. You are able to request for a specifc day to start you reservation
  2. You can also request for a specific day to end your reservation.
  3. Once you create your reservation your request will be sent to the executive director.
  4. The executive director will approve/deny your reservation.
  5. Once approved you will receive an e-mail containing the information you included in the form.
  6. If the reservation is rejected, the executive director will contact you. You will not receive an automated e-mail from the reservation system.

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How To:

  1. Select a start date on the calendar by clicking on the day you want to begin your reservation
  2. This date will now be highlighted.
  3. Move the mouse to the end date. Notice all days between start and end date are highlighted!
  4. Fill in form with your child’s first and last name.
  5. Insert the Email address we have on file in cake childcare system.
  6. Feel free to include your phone number (not mandatory).
  7. Add a note in the Hours Of Care section to describe when care begins and ends.  This message box can also include any message that you may wish to send to the executive director.
  8. Once completed , press the Book Now


The executive director will review your request. Assuming your request is approved (a normal occurence) an approval email will be sent. This is your confirmation!

If the executive director refuses your request, she will contact you directly to discuss. No email will follow.

[/item][item iconfa=”book” type=accs title=”Are there limitations to reservation system?”]

Yes there is!

The biggest limitation is the booking system only allows for consecutive days with no gaps between days.

For example, if you want to book a Monday , Wednesday and Thursday in the same week, this requires two bookings: One for Monday and one for the consecutive days of Wednesday and Thursday!

[/item][item iconfa=”book” type=accs title=”Who needs to use this?”]

Full Time Clients

If you are a full time client with your child attending a program 5 days a week and whose hours do not change on a daily basis, YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE THIS SYSTEM. 

Simply continue to provide your child’s monthly schedule to the executive director.

Part Time Clients

Yes you need to use this system. Remember the primary reason for bringing this system on line. It is to eliminate any bookings errors and ensure your child gets the care they need when they need it!

The old haphazard way simply creates to many ways for errors too happen. It has only been due to the diligence of the executive director that we have had so few errors.

One error is too much especially when its your child.

After an initial trial period, this will be the only method that can be used to accept reservations.

Trial period will end March 31, 2018.

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There is a schedule for every program. These can be accessed by the menu entries below the main Reservation button on the menu bar.  They can also be accessed from this page.

Infant Schedules

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Toddler Schedules

[cws_button type=default size=medium link=toddler fa_code=book ]Toddler[/cws_button]

PreSchool Schedules

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