Parent Information

Welcome to Sunrise and Shine Childcare Centre



All staff of SunRise and Shine Childcare Centre will be Early Childhood Educators or equivalent and approved by the Ministry of Education. They will be required to pass a criminal reference check for working with the vulnerable sector, and be First Aid/CPR trained before commencing work within the centre.

All ECE’s must be registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators, and have their membership renewed annually. All staff will be required to participate in training workshops such as behaviour management workshops; healthy eating and active living workshops; etc.  We strictly adhere to the Ministry of Education Daycare Law (as outlined in the Day Nurseries Act). All ratios are for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers are closely monitored.

Infants- The ratio of 1 ECE to 3 infants or a max of 3 staff to 10 infants. This age group will receive attention with respect to their physical development, language development skills, ensuring that nutritional needs are met.

Toddlers – This age group will be supervised at a ratio of 1 ECE to 5 toddlers or a maximum of 15 toddlers. This group will receive specialized training in the area of language development, toilet training, social interactions skills, and ensuring that their nutritional needs are met.

Preschoolers – The ratio of 1 ECE to 8 will be used in this age category or a maximum of 20 preschoolers. We will focus on the development of language skills, social interaction skills, cognitive development to assist with school preparation, and ensuring that their nutritional needs are met.