Why Us

What We Offer


Toddler room is licensed for 15 children


The Preschool is licensed for 24 children

Our Vision

At SunRise and Shine Childcare Centre we provide quality childcare services which stimulate children and help them achieve all of their developmental milestones in a manner that is led by an educator but directed by the child. We strive to support the family by taking the time to understand and accommodate their needs, and act as a positive resource in their lives.

We believe that:

  • Children learn to communicate and are supported in their growth and emotional , social, creative, cognitive and physical in an environment that promotes active learning , autonomy , freedom and a sense of responsibility and order .

  • Parents are key stakeholders in the care and education of their child. Parents have a responsibility to work with the staff of the centre for the welfare and education of their child.

  • Employees are selected because of the passion they exhibit for their profession. In addition to their passion, they have the professional skills, education and experience we demand when working with children.

In summary, every decision we make whether it be personnel, food preparation , technology or programming is driven by one requirement: quality.  There is no substitute for quality! This what we promise: this is what we deliver.